Skewes Family Most Memorable Moment

Donated by the Skewes family in 2012, this award is for the most memorable moment during the season by a player. This could be during a game or at training. It could be the funniest or silliest thing or the most outstanding play remembered and discussed by others.  It is a significant moment or action. It is designed for senior players.


2012/13 – Ricky Clark

2013/14 – Graham Mayfield

2014/15 – Alex Skewes

2015/16 – Jim Gorman

2016/17 – Darko Filko & Family

2017/18 – Joel Trevaskis

2018/19 – Gawler Rangers Division 2 Team

2019/20 – Jessica Zemitis

2020/21 – Nathan Schreier