Our fantastic t-ball program caters to children aged from 3 through to when they’re ready to play baseball at 8. Click here to find out whether your child is eligible for t-ball or baseball. Girls and boys can both play, and are taught all the basics of throwing, hitting and baserunning in a fun, inclusive environment.

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You have two options for t-ball – Friday evenings or Saturday mornings (depending on numbers). The Friday evening sessions are a complete t-ball program where participants are split into groups and perform age and skill specific drills, activities and games. Saturday morning t-ball is a joint competition with the local softball association where teams play against each other the same as any other sport. Trainings are held on Thursday evenings throughout the summer season (Terms 4 & 1) for the Saturday morning teams. We keep the costs low for maximum inclusion and participation, and primary school students also have access to the $50 Sports Voucher from the SA Government.

We rely a lot on parent and older sibling helpers in our t-ball program (guided by our coaches), so it’s a great way to get involved in your child’s team as a family and be part of them having fun.

For kids aged 7 or 8 who will soon be moving into proper baseball, we also give them the opportunity to play Under 9’s, which is about 8 games throughout the season on Sunday mornings in the inter-club metropolitan league. Under 9’s is baseball with modified rules to help the transition between hitting from a tee to hitting live pitching. The coach pitches to the players and continues their skills development so that when it’s time for them to play Under 11’s, they’re ready to go!

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